The punk-fate, the punk-punk-rearguard, the punk-environment the MANIFEST! History, ideology, concepts-The punk-fate, the punk-rear-guard, the punk-environment the MANIFEST! History, ideology, concepts

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History, ideology, concepts
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  1. History
  2. Ideology
  3. Concepts

 1. History

Historical roots of avant guarde and in particular the punk-avant guarde leave in darkness of centuries. Probably, it arose in wild caves, at flashes of a lightning and a roar of thunder-storms. The stone axe, powerless, but also unique means of protection, in mighty, inept hands of the savage, "any way", obeying call of subconsciousness, cut simple figures on rocks.

Enterprising and, in general, vitally active our ancestors could not stay inactively in disturbing and helpless expectation of the end of violence of elements, pending death or clearings, but what they could do? Anything! Only to wait, gloomy singing or cutting a stone on a stone certain similarity of, to think that eventually all will be good. Later, as thunders and lightnings, sooner or later safely came to an end, to these figures attached mystical significance - so the Religion arose.

So the Market, the State, calculation and vanity arose.

Today's NewPrimitive-arts it is artificial tries to revive those images of the past. Safe artists in free from vanity of bohemia and beau monde time, at all not having thrown off a snobbish dress coat, "create" - dear paints and brushes of ugliness... They think, that so the primitive person thought! From the varnished bourgeois magazines on us hundreds such "masterpieces" throw out. With rare exception, external similarity, or more less a fake is born. To the person never to revive that primitive impulse.

The life has changed On change to a stone axe send the perfect and monstrous machines, send Ideas, Ideologies and Propagation. So the person present knows also this knowledge closes all ways to happy blindness. But also gives incomparably greater - all future!

Further there were many remarkable persons of anarchism (about which it is necessary to write separately), they finally and have irrevocably issued the purposes, problems and ideology of all Left-wing radical movements including the punk-environment.

2. Ideology

Here the ideology the punk-avant guarde in the pure state is considered exclusively.

The punk-avant guarde is a radical part of the left movement, ultra-left, LFA (the left front of art). The compromise and conformism - here these words mean one: "Crime"! The Pluralism is impossible between a teeth and impact in a teeth, between a loop and a neck, between Us and Them - hungry, but free and full, but slaves! "

Grown from yellow-beaked youth anarchist movements, it has absorbed in itself(himself) much greater, rather than this all the known superficial slogan, fuck off! . And, having dressed a black skin with rivets, having got drunk and to belch, having imposed all surrounding with curses, you are still close not the punk and for a long time not the avant-gardist - you simply pig in a leather jacket.

If not all is equal to you, that occurs around - means, in you already there is a spark going ahead of avant guarde. If to another you experience injustice as the personal pain - you mean is close to the Left Front.

And an antipode - also not all is equal to it, that is around created, but so, how much it is touched with its Personal "I". Validity for all - up to limits of its Personal interests. He/she is the active bourgeois. And if the "red" radical is the communist, a radical from Personal interests - the fascist.

3. Concepts

The punk-avant guarde and the punk-rearguard. In the first identity, in the second contrast. Contrasts, as well as similarity only reserves. Dialectic materialism, and it the basis of the Left movements (though some resourceful Prophets from avant guarde, at times approve other - they dissemble), approves: all one is all another, only then IT is. Unity of contrasts.

Rear-guard one, it is unattainable avant guarde of others. Other and a candle in a cellar the sun, another however, clearly. There are such things which you will hear only heart.

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